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Ground view of a lighthouse at The Smalls. One of a set of 22 colour slides from a survey of the Smalls designated shipwreck area, carried out by the Archaeological Diving Unit for RCAHMW. 1992. (Image: DI2006_0587 / NPRN: 389) Chirk Aqueduct, Ellesmere Canal, Chirk. 1949. (Image: DI2005_0058 / NPRN: 34406) Town Hill, 5-7a, Wrexham. Reconstruction drawing. Undated. (Image: CD2005_622_017 / NPRN: 27629)


The National Monuments Record of Wales contains information about 70,000 sites across Wales and maintains an archive of over a million items. Managing such a collection requires high standards of indexing and efficient methods of information retrieval.

The Royal Commission is the lead organisation in Wales for developing these standards and liaises with similar bodies in Wales and elsewhere to ensure they are compatible with those used by other organisations. With the help of colleagues in the National Museum of Wales, Cadw and the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts, the Royal Commission is developing a thesaurus of monument types for Wales. There are also plans for a Welsh-language version of the thesaurus.

The standards underpin the retrieval mechanisms used for the online database, Coflein. This service allows access to thousands of archaeological sites, monuments, buildings and maritime sites across Wales and links them to the drawings, manuscripts, photographs and digital images held in the NMRW archive collections.

Informing the Future of the Past: Guidelines for Historic Environment Records

(IFP2) (Second Edition, 2007)

The essential set of working guidelines appropriate to all HERs, large and small, and for all staff, volunteers and students involved in managing, running, using or supporting an HER.
This edition constitutes a major revision and expansion from the first edition to include recent developments and to cover Wales and Scotland as well as England. Available free to view on line or download at

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