The wooded Gaer Fawr from the air (Image: AP_2007_4037/NPRN: 306997) (Image: AP_2007_4037 / NPRN: 306997) Gaer Fawr: A virtual view of the hillfort, unencumbered by trees looking across the Severn Valley to the Breidden Hills. (Image: GFG10/NPRN: 306997)   (Image: GFG10 / NPRN: 306997) The Guilsfield Bronze Boar.  This Iron Age helmet mount was found near to or at Gaer Fawr Hillfort. (Image: DI2009_0042 / NPRN: 407371)

Gaer Fawr Hillfort

The remarkably well preserved remains of Gaer Fawr, the ‘Great Fort’, lie hidden in woodland, owned and cared for by The Woodland Trust at Guilsfield near Welshpool in Powys. The hillfort dates to the Iron Age and remains of its defences are still clearly visible, with visitors able to walk through the original entranceways, and glimpse what would once have been unimpeded and spectacular views over the Severn Valley into
Shropshire, and west towards the mountains of Wales.

There has been little archaeological investigation undertaken on the monument, and the woodland cover leaves it virtually impossible to visualise its overall plan, let alone any complexities or phasing within it. In light of this Cadw requested the Royal Commission to carry out a detailed survey of the monument, following on from the work of the Defended Enclosures Project undertaken by itself and the Welsh Archaeological Trusts. The Royal Commission survey took place in 2007 and the resulting research report, available for download below, provides an in-depth account of the monument and its setting.

Gaer Fawr also featured in Episode Two of the BBC Wales television series Hidden Histories. You can see the episode on BBC Wales History.


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