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Aberbraint, Llanewen, Anglesey. Plaster moulding from the entrance doorway.  Undated. (Image: CD2003_613_029 / NPRN: 15569) Old Town Hall, Ruthin. Engraving. (Image: CD2005_627_026 / NPRN: 23405) Ffrwydlo near Llanwrda.  From the NMRW Collections: Copyright Miss M.E. Jones, 1948. (Image: DI2006_0959 / NPRN: 17334)

Metal Links is a European-funded project that brings together four former mining communities in Ireland and Wales. The project is a joint initiative which aims to develop environmental and economic sustainability, to enhance community well-being and pride of place, and to provide opportunities for the present and future. The communities will be able to exchange information, knowledge and experiences, and will benefit from guidance and training in techniques in archaeological, palaeo-botanical and geological field research.

The core objectives of the project are:
• To train community groups in relevant survey techniques;
• To carry out fieldwork at former mining sites;
• To undertake genealogical research into the lives of metal miners and historical research into the mines they worked in and the communities they were a part of;
• To carry out palaeo-environmental sampling in the upland mountains to help understand the historic mining activities in their broader context;
• To develop new ways to interpret the heritage of these areas through the use of animations, apps and other innovative technologies.

A variety of events will be staged during the course of the project to enable members of the public to add their contribution to the story of their mining heritage.

This project has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-13.

To follow the progress of the project and to find out about events and other ways you can get involved, check the Royal Commission website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.