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Tom Pert with students at Blaenavon (Image: Blaenavon11 2008_005 / NPRN: 0 / Source: RCAHMW) County Hall, Hall Square, Denbigh. Digital drawing of the north elevation of Denbigh Town Hall, showing the phases of development. Undated. (Image: DI2006_1082 / NPRN: 23423)

Price List

Please note that material supplied from the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) is protected by copyright law. Copies of items from the collection are supplied for private research only under our 'Terms and Conditions for use of Information from the NMRW' (LRS18). If you wish to reproduce the material in any format or use the material in a commercial manner, permission will need to be sought by completing an 'Order Form' (LRS08).

Photocopies and Database Printouts
A4 £0.30 per side
A3 £0.50 per side
A4 colour copy £0.50 per side A3 £0.75 per side

Digital Images on DVD or CD-Rom
Low - JPEG up to 3mb rgb/1mb b/w suitable for websites or powerpoint - Existing scan (per image)£7.00 - New scan (per image) £17.00
Medium - JPEG up to 20 mb rgb/10mb b/w – A4 Existing scan (per image) £8.00 - New scan (per image) £18.00
High – TIFF up to 85 mb rgb/30mb b/w – suitable for publication Existing scan (per image) £9.00 - New scan (per image) £19.00
(Images are scanned as TIFFs at a resolution of 300dpi. Other resolutions and formats available on request).

Digital Datasets
Supply of information from COFLEIN in digital format. Information can be supplied on DVD/CD-ROM in the following formats:
Text File, MS Access 2000, MS Excel 2000 or GIS Shape File. Other formats and larger datasets may be available by arrangement. A licence agreement will be issued covering the use of the data for internal purposes or private research. For all other uses please apply to the NMRW Library and Enquiries Service at the address below.
Basic record (NPRN, site name, ngr, classification) per 500 records £75.00
Basic record plus description where available - per 500 records £100.00

Postage and Packing (UK rates)
1 CD-ROM £2.20
For up to 50 photocopies/printouts £2.70
(Other services/postage rates at cost)

Search Fees
Standard searches take up to15 working days and are free of charge. For complex searches or searches for six sites or more a charge may be levied. A priority search service is available which takes up to two working days. Payment for this service must be
received prior to the searches being initiated. This service is subject to availability.
Priority search fee £45.00

Ordering Material & Arranging a Licence
All orders should be made using the 'Order Form' (LRS 08) listing the material and format required. The intended use of the material should also be stipulated so that a licence agreement can be administered and fees advised upon. This form is available on our website or from the NMRW Library and Enquiries Service. Please see our 'Licence Fees' (LRS17) or contact the NMRW for information on current licence fees.

Payment should be made within 28 days of receipt of invoice. Cheques should be made payable to RCAHMW. The following credit/debit cards are accepted: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Solo. Payment in a currency other than sterling will be subject to a £10.00 surcharge.

Educational Discount – 20% discount on goods (excluding p&p) applies for educational use and for students with a valid student card.

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