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Strata Florida Abbey, Pontrhydfendigaid.  Undated. (Image: CD2003_625_024 / NPRN: 95764) Stone Row, Saith Maen, upper Swansea Valley. 1981. (Image: CD2003_607_003 / NPRN: 84328) Cerig, Rhoscolyn. Ruinous cottage with some thatch remaining. 1930. (Image: CD2003_619_023 / NPRN: 15641)


CARN is a national information resource for archaeology and architecture compiled by archaeological organisations across Wales. Records are included from the following institutions (see links below):

Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust SMR (Sites and Monuments Record)

Dyfed Archaeological Trust SMR

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust SMR

Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust SMR

Cadw (Scheduled Monument and Listed Buildings databases)

Portable Antiquities Scheme

National Museum Wales (Archaeology and Numismatics Collection Database)

Royal Commission’s National Monuments Record of Wales

CARN provides basic index information as an entry-point to the more detailed records held in each organisation. To obtain further information about any site either contact the originating body with the relevant reference numbers by using the e-mail link to the originating body or, for Royal Commission records, follow the link to the Coflein database or make an enquiry using the on-line enquiry form.

Please note that searches will interrogate all the databases in CARN and records may be duplicated from more than one source. CARN may also be searched by a clickable map.

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