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cover of Mynydd Hiraethog: The Denbigh Moors

Mynydd Hiraethog: The Denbigh Moors

By Robert J. Silvester, Louise Barker, David Leighton, 2011.

Mynydd Hiraethog: The Denbigh Moors by Robert J. Silvester with contributions by Louise Barker and David Leighton, published by The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, 2011, bilingual paperback, 88 pages 60 illustrations, ISBN 978-1-871184-40-2

Wales is dominated by its upland landscapes, a vast treasure trove of archaeology and heritage, where the exceptional survival of evidence for the lives of people across the millennia makes these fascinating places of international importance. This book tells the story of Mynydd Hiraethog, widely known as the Denbigh Moors, an area of 100 square miles. Over many thousands of years people have settled or utilised these hills and left traces of their activities visible in the landscape today. This book describes those activities in the light of recent discoveries. The story is of generations of ordinary people in an environment that provided for many of their needs but that at times could be harsh and challenging.

The Hiraethog Landscape
Studying Hiraethog
Hiraethog through History
Prehistoric Burial and Ritual
Prehistoric Settlement and Farming
Settlement and Farming in the Historic Period
The Wealth of the Moors
The Large Estates
The Twentieth Century
Sites to Visit
Finding out more
References and further reading


  • ISBN: 978-1-871184-40-2

Cover: Softback
Size: 190 x 230mm
Pages: 88
Illustrations: 60
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