LiDAR visualisations of Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire (© Crown: All rights reserved. Environment Agency. LiDAR views generated by RCAHMW) (Image: LD2012_02_06 - Skomer_Slope_Model / NPRN: 402711 / Source: Oliver Davis) County Hall, Hall Square, Denbigh. Digital drawing of the north elevation of Denbigh Town Hall, showing the phases of development. Undated. (Image: DI2006_1082 / NPRN: 23423)


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From its inception the Royal Commission has regarded publication of its investigations as one of its principal tasks. Until the mid-1970s the county Inventories were the main output. Since the publication of the first edition of Houses of the Welsh Countryside there has been a greater emphasis on thematic publication. The last county Inventory was Glamorgan: Later Castles. The Commission continues to publish substantial works of scholarship and combines this with shorter thematic or area studies and technical pamphlets, issued in both hardback and electronic form.

The staff of the Royal Commission has contributed significant studies to the archaeological, architectural and historical literature of Wales from the late 1920s, often as an offshoot of mainline Inventory work, but also through its own initiatives.

The bibliography keeps you up to date with both the official publications of the Commission and the published researches of staff in Welsh heritage studies.