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People's Collection Wales (Image: 111221 / NPRN: 9999) Stone Row, Saith Maen, upper Swansea Valley. 1981. (Image: CD2003_607_003 / NPRN: 84328) Garreg-ddu Dam, Elan Valley Water Scheme. Built 1900. Undated. (Image: CD2005_610_004 / NPRN: 752)


The Royal Commission is the investigation body and national archive for the historic environment of Wales. It has the lead role in ensuring that Wales’s archaeological, built and maritime heritage is authoritatively recorded, and seeks to promote the understanding and appreciation of this heritage nationally and internationally.

New measures for the Welsh historic environment

On Tuesday 14 January 2014 the Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths AM, announced new measures for the benefit of the historic environment in Wales, including the decision that the Royal Commission and Cadw will remain as separate organisations for the time being. 

Commissioners are pleased that the Minister has made a clear decision that the Royal Commission should continue to operate as an arm’s-length body sponsored by the Welsh Government. 

The Commission is committed to continue working with Cadw (their sponsor division within the Welsh Government) and other partners to deliver the best possible historic environment services for the people of Wales. To find out more about what we are planning, please visit our Planning for the Future page.

The Minister’s full statement can be accessed on the Welsh Government website. Full responses to the ‘Future of our Past’ consultation which informed the Minister’s decision are now available to access online. For a full analysis of the consultation responses, please visit the Welsh Government website.

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