Heritage of Wales

LiDAR visualisations of Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire (© Crown: All rights reserved. Environment Agency. LiDAR views generated by RCAHMW) (Image: LD2012_02_06 - Skomer_Slope_Model / NPRN: 402711 / Source: Oliver Davis) Llowes Court, Glasbury. 1997. (Image: DI2005_0783 / NPRN: 81340) Stone Row, Saith Maen, upper Swansea Valley. 1981. (Image: CD2003_607_003 / NPRN: 84328)

Hidden Histories Series III

After two hugely successful series following the investigative work of the Royal Commission since 2008, series three of Hidden Histories begins with the mysterious Gwent flood of 1607. Other programmes will reach all corners of Wales and cover everything from prehistoric rock art to a nuclear power station.

The series is presented by Eddie Butler and Heledd Fychan, who explore the heritage of Wales alongside familiar faces from the Royal Commission and archaeologists, historians and local people who they work with along the way.

Lots of information is available about the sites featured in the series in the Episode Guides, or you can search for all kinds of hidden histories of Wales on the online database Coflein.

You can read about the work of the Royal Commission in the Hidden Histories book.