Heritage of Wales

The Falcon Hildred Access and Learning Project

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, working in partnership with the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust and with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, has acquired a unique collection of over 600 original drawings of industrial buildings and landscapes by Falcon Hildred. Falcon Hildred has dedicated his working life to recording the buildings and landscapes of nineteenth- and twentieth-century industry, producing works of high aesthetic, historical and social value.

The Falcon Hildred Access and Learning Project preserves this valuable resource for the enjoyment of future generations, and opens access to the collection through a co-ordinated programme of digitisation, publication, exhibition and education across England and Wales.


  • <i>Demolition of Penygroes, 1982</i><br />
A frequent scene throughout Falcon’s lifetime of documenting buildings at risk has been that of demolition in progress. FHA 01/098, NPRN 305760
  • <i>Pasture Street crossing, Grimsby, 1978</i><br />
This picture, based on observations in 1953 and drawn in 1978, captures Falcon’s memories of the railway crossing near his childhood home.
  • <i>Two views of Pant-yr-ynn slate mill, 2007</i><br /> 
Pant-yr-ynn mill at Bethania, Blaenau Ffestiniog has been Falcon’s home and gallery since 1969. FHA 01/128, NPRN 28620

Industry and Transport

  • <i>Hertford Square, Coventry, 1975</i><br /> 
This drawing shows Hertford Square in Coventry after partial demolition. FHA 03/81
  • <i>Hydraulic power house chimney, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1979</i><br />
One of Falcon’s two detailed architectural illustrations of ornate chimneys, drawn as true elevations without perspective. FHA 03/02/03
  • <i>Pant yr Afon: general view from tip, 1969</i><br />
The nexus of transport routes and engineering features at Pant yr Afon. FHA 01/033, NPRN 41296 and NPRN 85488

Landscape of Slate

  • <i>Drum house to Rhiw-bach Quarry, 1981</i><br />
The site sketch shows the drum house at the top of the an incline taking slate trams to and from Rhiw-bach quarry. FHA 01/186/02, NPRN 40568
  • <i>Key plan of Holland's Level, 2002</i><br />
The drawing combines a general plan of the Holland’s Level with vignettes of the buildings, tramways and inclines. FHA 01/006, NPRN 415776
  • <i>Rhiwbryfdir from Holland’s Level, Blaenau Ffestiniog, 1997</i><br />
This composite of views of Glanypwll Road in Rhiwbryfdir, Blaenau Ffestiniog, includes elevated perspectives from the nearby Holland’s Level slate tip. FHA 01/013, NPRN 305760 and NPRN 8407


  • <i>Uwchllaw’r Ffynnon: plan and elevations, 1978</i><br />
This row of seven workers’ cottages in Bethania, Blaenau Ffestiniog, was built in the mid-nineteenth century. FHA 01/111, NPRN 28882
  • <i>Tŷ Uncorn, 1978</i><br />
Tŷ Uncorn is one of the oldest surviving domestic buildings associated with the slate industry in Blaenau Ffestiniog, built in about 1810 by Lord Newborough to house workers. FHA 01/143/01, NPRN 28880
  • <i>Houses on Penhevad Street, 1986</i><br />
This house on Penhevad Street in Grangetown, Cardiff, was built in the early 1900s. FHA 02/48, NPRN 301223


  • <i>Lansdowne Lane, London, 1970</i><br />
This print brings together several drawings to provide a record of the brick terraces that once stood on Lansdowne Lane in Charlton, London. FHA 03/06
  • <i>Fife, Scotland: buildings with man on bike, 1984</i><br />
The keenly observed roofline of these buildings in Fife shows the crow-stepped gables evocative of houses in the Low Countries. FHA 04/08
  • <i>Deptford Mill, London, 1978</i><br />
Market stalls, shops, flats and an industrial building cluster together in this section of London’s urban landscape. FHA 03/71

Public and Religious Buildings

  • <i>Cardiff Prison, 1986</i><br />
HMP Cardiff was commissioned after the earlier Cardiff Gaol was deemed insufficient to cope with the likely prison needs of the rapidly expanding industrial town. FHA 02/66, NPRN 3072
  • <i>Manod School, 1995</i><br />
Falcon recorded Manod School at Blaenau Ffestiniog in 1995. The school was later demolished, leaving only the schoolmaster’s house. FHA 01/130, NPRN 305760
  • <i>English Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Blaenau Ffestiniog, 1997</i><br />
The sum of a hundred intricate details, these sketches record the myriad of mouldings, castings, carvings and forgings chosen by the congregations. FHA 01/117, NPRN 8409