About Us

Strata Florida Abbey, Pontrhydfendigaid.  Undated. (Image: CD2003_625_024 / NPRN: 95764) Llyn Gafr, Craig Las. View of zig-zag peak track. Undated. (Image: CD2005_605_007 / NPRN: 55712)

Recording and Investigation

The great strength of the Royal Commission, making it different from other organisations or institutions curating archives, is that the Commission maintains an active survey team. Experienced archaeological and historic building investigators within the Recording and Investigation Team carry out thematic projects of investigation, undertake the survey, interpretation and presentation of sites and landscapes that are of outstanding importance, or at risk provide impartial and expert advice to decision makers in the historic environment sector, and initiate programmes of innovation and excellence in recording and understanding the historic environment.

Our work in these areas informs and supports heritage conservation and interpretation, or in the worst case scenario preserves information for posterity.  Our unique position in providing a national overview of Welsh archaeology and historic buildings is represented in many of our thematic projects of investigation.

The interpretative results of our work are available to the public through printed and electronic publications through the website and our on-line database, Coflein.  All material is archived in the national archive of monuments and buildings – the National Monuments Record of Wales.

The Recording and Investigation team specialisms include digital survey, photography, tree-ring dating (dendrochronology), archaeological and historic building interpretation, and heritage presentation.