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Llanfair, Llanfair-green. R.E. Kay notebook, Vol. 1, Series 3, page 6a. 1948.  (Image: CD2005_624_013 / NPRN: 12989) Parys Mountain Copper Mine, Amlwch, Anglesey. 1996. (Image: CD2003_603_063 / NPRN: 33752) Stack Rock Fort. (Image: DI2006_1240 / NPRN: 268158)

Data and Technology Team

Information delivery is a central part of the Royal Commission’s work, and the Data Services Team ensures our data is managed according to appropriate international standards. We also lead the development of on-line services to make the information widely available. Central to this is our on-line database, Coflein, which can be used to query over eighty thousand site records, and allows direct access to more than 60,000 images.

Our Historic Wales service allows our data to be queried alongside similar information, including listed building data and scheduled monument records, held by other organisations such as Cadw, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, and the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts. To do this we oversee the Historic Environment Records in Wales and take the lead in identifying and implementing data standards for the sector.

The team’s work with Geographic Information Systems and 3D visualisation has made a major contribution to People’s Collection Wales, and we lead its work in this area, and have contributed over 10,000 digital items to the collection. The team also looks after the IT infrastructure of the Commission as a whole so all our staff can make the best use of modern digital technology.