About Us

Libanus Baptist Chapel, Waun-glyn-da, Llansadwrn. 2004. (Image: DI2006_0792 / NPRN: 6580) St Mary's Church, Haverfordwest. Detail view of external stonework. Undated. (Image: CD2005_610_007 / NPRN: 103300) Hafoty, Llansadwrn. RCAHMW drawing showing reconstruction of the wallpainting at Hafoty, Llansadwrn. Undated.  (Image: GTJ00072 / NPRN: 15705)

Meetings and Minutes

The Commissioners meet three times a year, usually during May or June, October and February. The meeting held in May has been traditionally a peripatetic one, where Commissioners have the opportunity to see at first hand some of the work that has been undertaken by Commission staff in the recent past.

The Branch Committees also meet three times a year, usually prior to the main Commission meeting, and most of these meetings take place in Aberystwyth. The Branch Committees give staff and Commissioners an opportunity to discuss the work of the branches in greater detail.

The Royal Commission publishes the minutes of the Commissioners’ meetings on the web site, and the latest minutes can be downloaded from this page as a PDF document. If you would like a printed copy of these minutes please contact the Secretary’s office via the [1-5-1]Contact Us page.