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Aberbraint, Llanewen, Anglesey. Plaster moulding from the entrance doorway.  Undated. (Image: CD2003_613_029 / NPRN: 15569) Kings Head Hotel, Monmouth. Plasterwork. 2001. (Image: DI2005_1081 / NPRN: 45015) Early photogragh of RCAHMW Commissioners. Undated. (Image: CD2005_604_005 / NPRN: 99999)

The Commission

Commissioners are appointed by HM The Queen, on the advice of the Welsh Assembly Government and the Secretary of State for Wales, under a Royal Warrant which was last renewed in 2000. They have executive oversight of the Royal Commission's work. The eleven Commissioners (including their chairman) have extensive experience in the various fields covered by the Royal Commission's staff, to whom they offer expert guidance and support. Their individual specialisms include archaeology, history, archive management, information technology, and public education and administration. They place their scholarship and expertise at the disposal of the Commission's staff in committees and informally, and in three plenary meetings each year. They also provide an important link with the worlds of education, scholarship and government, as well as with the public at large.


Dr E Wiliam (Chairman)

Mrs Anne Eastham

Mr Henry Owen-John

Mr Jonathan Hudson

Professor Chris Williams

Dr Mark Redknap

Mr Thomas Lloyd

Ms Catherine Hardman