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St Michael's Church, Llanfihangel Abercowin; Pilgrims' Church. Pilgrim's graves at Llanfihangel Abercowin Church. 2004. (Image: DI2006_0821 / NPRN: 102138) Llowes Court, Glasbury. 1997. (Image: DI2005_0783 / NPRN: 81340) Penlon Farmstead, Pontgarreg. View of the barn. Undated. (Image: CD2005_610_008 / NPRN: 308229)

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• Swansea Museum, Local History Book Fair

Event Date: 27 October 2012, 10:00

Location: Swansea Museum

Type of Event: Local History Book Fair

Special Guest:

Further details:

Staff from the Royal Commission will be attending Swansea’s famous history book fair with a full range of publications including our latest authoritative books, Fields of Play and Inside Welsh Homes, all with a special 10% discount.